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6 Tips That Will Make The Bandsaw Even Better

By: Chelsea Rodgers

The bandsaw, like the Rikon 10 Inch Deluxe Bandsaw (10-306), (Eagle America item# #520-0025) is a pretty awesome tool to begin with, but why not make it top of the line? Follow these 6 steps to make your bandsaw your new favorite type of saw.

1. Make It Mobile

Stationary tools take up way too much space, especially if you have a smaller woodshed. The first way to supercharge your bandsaw is to make it

mobile. put your bandsaw on skates. This will give your bandsaw to be where you need it, when you need it.

2. Upgrade Your Blade

Most of the blade that came with the bandsaw are okay for making general cuts, but for projects like resawing, the stock blade won’t work well enough to cut like you want it. Consider replacing your bandsaw blade even if you’re not planning to resaw.

There are 3 main types of bandsaw blades. The Regular tooth bandsaw blade is the most commonly used. The teeth on the regular blade are shaped in a way that will give you the smoothest cut. The skip tooth bandsaw blade has teeth that are more spread out which make them good with more aggressive cuts. The hook tooth bandsaw blade gives a faster cutting rate and are good for thicker materials and longer cuts. Our AllPro Bandsaw Blades (MLCS item# 654-8021 to 654-9956) are made from special high-alloy tool steel combined with pinpoint carbides, to enhance performance and longevity.

3. Clean The Blade

Believe it or not but sometimes a dull blade is actually a dirty blade. Wood pitch can build up on the blade which can affect the quality of our cuts. Keep a bottle of Total Tool Cares’ Blade and Bit Heavy Duty Cleaner (MLCS item# 9034) on hand in your woodshed. Make a routine of cleaning your blades, and your cuts will show it.

4. Brush Away the dust.

All saws produce sawdust. Sometimes, it seems like the bandsaw produces the MOST sawdust! And most of that sawdust lands on the lower tire. If left unchecked this sawdust can cause some real issues with both the blade and the tire as debris accumulates on the tire, continued use without cleaning compresses the tire more in other places then if it were in contact with the rubber or urethane alone. Over time the tire will lose its rebound in those places if not cleaned properly and thus decrease tire life. After each use, make a point to clean up your bandsaw really good so you can get the highest quality cuts out of it.

5. Wax your bandsaw

Yes, we said wax! It’s not just to make our bandsaw look shiny and new. Waxing makes our bandsaw easier to clean, reduces the chance of oxidation, and perhaps most importantly waxing reduces friction. Over time wood sliding across the table can leave behind wood pitch. The wood pitch can build up and cause friction. Then workpieces stick rather than slide across the table.

6. Say Goodbye to Vibration

Most would agree, the vibration from the bandsaw is something we could do without. Try replacing the slipping belt with an adjustable link belt. The belt is easy to install. One of the benefits of an adjustable link belt is it reduces vibration. With the adjustable link belt, you’ll notice right away that your bandsaw will cut silky smooth rather than jumping around like a jackhammer.

These tips may seem minimal, but trust us if you follow them you will see a HUGE difference in your bandsaw.

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