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How To Use A Jigsaw

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

written by Chelsea Rodgers

The jigsaw is an excellent tool for any woodworker especially the ones who are just dipping their toes in the DIYer world. The jigsaw is a saw that allows cuts way beyond the typical straight path. A jigsaw allows you to make curved cuts in wood, sheet metal, plastics and even laminates.

The first and most important step when you’re working with any tool is to understand and familiarize yourself with the components of the tool. There are many different types of Jigsaws to choose from, but we like the Triton Pendulum Action Jigsaw. You can find it through our sister company, Eagle America item# 415-5696.

  • · This triton jigsaw only has the power switch, but some jigsaws have a lock option on the power switch. This will “lock” the jigsaw while you are cutting – you will find this helpful when cutting for a long period of time.

  • · The Orbital Adjustment Knob is located to the left of the power switch.

  • · The adjustable base allows you to cut at different angles by rotating the jigsaw. On the base of the triton jigsaw will show you the exact positive steps it is set at, like pictured below.

  • · If your jigsaw has a variable speed option, then the bevel indicator located on the base will show you current angle setting.

Determine the Blade

Before you begin to cut, it is important to determine the type of blade you need to use. Most jigsaw blades come in T or U shanks. You will determine what blade you need based off the material you are trying to cut. Don’t worry, you will find that most blades are color coated and labeled with what materials they are meant to cut. You want to also determine what type of cut you are looking for. The teeth of the jigsaw blade will give you the fine cut you want or make a rough edge cut. This all sounds a little overwhelming, but it’s not. When you go for your jigsaw blade, just determine your “MC” - the material you're cutting and the cut you want. Decide your “MC” and you know your blade.

Load the Blade

Before you load the blade, you want to make sure the tool is not plugged in or the battery pack is removed and your safety googles are on.. Rotate the blade lever to the left and insert the blade. Release the clamp lever. You will hear it snap into place. Give the blade a little pull to ensure it is secured into place,

To Use the Jigsaw

While your jigsaw’s power source is still disconnected, adjust the orbital knob for the type of material you are cutting. Adjust the variable speed if your jigsaw has this feature. (Note you want to be careful not to run the jigsaw at a low speed for an extended period of time, because it will overheat. The orbital guideline below can help you understand the different settings):

After you have the setting adjusted, connect the power source (by either plugging it in or attaching battery pack). Then rest the front of the jigsaw on the cutting surface but be sure the blade is not touching the surface yet. Pull the trigger and direct your jigsaw along the area you want to cut. Remember, never forced any cuts. Move with the jigsaw as it cuts.

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