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Woodworking Jigs Every Woodshop Needs

Multiform Cross Cut Sled (MLCS item #9790)

Woodworking jigs are very useful in wood shops, essentially serving as a template when completing repetitive tasks in measuring, cutting, drilling or other woodworking activities. 

Jigs become an essential woodshop item because they help us to make precision cuts with our tools. They also make it easier for repeatability. There are many handy jigs you can use for your table saw, router table, or the drill press. Jigs can assist you with things like clamping, and safely guiding your work pieces as you cut.

There are many different kinds of Woodworking Jigs designed to aid specific woodworking jobs. The kind of jig you need all depends on what needs to be done to get the desired finished project you’re looking for. Here are some helpful woodworking jigs that most woodworkers use on a regular basis.

Crosscut sled

Like we mentioned in the post earlier this week, “How to Cut Cross Lap Joints”, The Multiform Crosscut sled is believe it or not actually two tables in one. It's got a pivoting fence with built in angle gauge, along with a fence and top mounted T-track that you easily attach hold downs, [pictured right, (MLCS item #9796) too, or the Multiform Box Joint System (MLCS item #9790), both items specially designed to fit the Multiform Crosscut Sled. Replaceable zero clearance inserts accommodate blades and bits up to 4 ½” wide. With it’s “no cut through” design, and the 28” adjustable Miter Bar, the Multiform Crosscut Sled will give you smooth controlled movements every time.

Miter Gauge

The Miter Gauge will hold your workpiece in the angled position that you need to cut. This miter gauge (MLCS item #9443) features a full 60° travel both left and right with adjustable positive stops at both 90° and 45°. The 3/4" x 3/8" x 17" steel miter bar securely locks into a miter T-slot or will fit standard miter slots. Add

the Miter Gauge Fence (MLCS item #9444), to provide extra support close to the blade and to eliminate tear-out. The adjustable, extruded aluminum fence increases the face of your miter gauge to 2‑3/4" high x 14‑1/2" long. The Miter Gauge Fence Extension bar, will increase the stop capacity to 24". The aluminum stop adjusts along the full length of the fence, and locks tight for perfect repetitive cuts. 

Self-Centering Doweling Jig

Doweling jigs act as drill guides have metal bushings or sleeves into which the drill bits are inserted. The bushing holds the bit in the correct position, both at the center of the workpiece and square to the edge being drilled.

Our Self-Centering Doweling Jig (MLCS item #9555) makes doweling joints simple, accurate, and quick. With anodized aluminum body and hardened steel guides, the Self-Centering Doweling jig handles material from 1/4" to 6" thick. Two of the guide holes are spaced 3/4" apart on center and tapped to accept the two 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" guide bushings. The two additional guide holes are fixed for 7/16" and 1/2" dowels.

Feather board

A Featherboard is a safety device used when working with stationary routers or power saws such as table saws or bandsaws. The purpose of a Featherboard is to apply pressure against a workpiece, keeping it flat against a machine table or fence.

Router Featherboard MLCS #9877

The Router Featherboard (MLCS item #9478) is a Soft flexible plastic with two knobs and two bolts. Will not shatter or damage bits if accidentally cut. Can also be used with table saws or shapers.

Large Featherboard (item #9877)

Featherboard comes in different size options

depending on what you need. The Large Featherboard (MLCS item # 9877) fits router table fences, drill press fences, and more. Great hold-down power and anti-kickback safety. This Featherboard ncludes two T-head bolts and two knobs. You can also get the Featherboard with long T Bar (MLCS item #9878). The long T Bar allows you to mount a featherboard in the miter T-slot of your router table, table saw and more.

Router Compass Adjustable Circle Jig

The Router Compass Adjustable Circle Jig (MLCS item #9495) easily attaches to your router and allows you to make perfect circles and arches in no time at all.Setting your measurementwith clear ruler markings from 4" to 24" in 1/8" increments is a breeze. The best part is there is no drilling necessary, just tap the center point into place and you’re ready to route your arch. Find our blog post “Router Table Adjustable Circle Jig Demo Videos” to watch a 2-part video on how to assemble and use this jig.

Tapered Jig

Make tapers up to 15º with the Tapered Jig (MLCS item #9008)! This sturdy aluminum jig's graduated scale allows for tapers up to 15º (3" of taper per foot).. The jig rides against the saw's fence, making its use similar to everyday ripping. It even comes with a handy metal scale for easy setting selection. Perfect for making tapered legs, tapered waste baskets, magazine racks and more. The jig has 24‑1/4" overall length and can be converted for right or left hand use.

Spline Sled

Spline joints are one of the most beautiful methods of joinery used in woodworking especially in furniture, picture frames and boxes. Spline joints are not only attractive but feature extra gluing surfaces compared to a plain joint, making them one of the strongest joints possible. Now you can make strong and beautiful joints with the Spline Sled Pro! (MLCS item #1543) The Spline Sled PRO is designed for table saws to save time and to safely create strong, decorative joints.

Zero Clearance Inserts

The Zero Clearance Inserts (MLCS item #9360, 9342, 9341,9343,9362, 9349) help improve the safety and efficiency of any table saw. The large gap between factory stock inserts and your blade allows thin cutoffs and parts to fall into the saw, creating a potential hazard. The inserts close this gap, and can even improve dust collection! 

Dovetail Jig

 A dovetail jig is a device which holds stock in a vertical position so that each dovetail joint can be cut with a router. With the Dovetail Jig (MLCS item #6411), you cut both sides of the half-blind joint at the same time, which assures the perfect fit every time. This easy to use solid aluminum template and steel jig is precisely machined for creating strong, secure and accurate half blind dovetail joints or half-blind rabbeted dovetail joints. The steel beams secure both work pieces snugly. Works for 1/2" to 1" thick drawer sides and 5/8" to 1" thick drawer fronts (up to 12" high). The Self-spacing edge guides allow perfect offset for precise joint alignment.

Now we’re not saying that you can’t be a successful woodworker unless you have all of these jigs in your woodshop. Some woodworkers actually create their own jigs to meet their needs. But these are the jigs you’ll find that you will find that will help with exactly what you need. Start you jig collection one at time, and before you know it, you’ll be set.

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